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Experience the freedom truth brings.

Use the power of assumptions to see through to the hidden agenda lurking under the messages in today's culture.

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Learn To Discern:
The ultimate resources for honing discernment skills!

Discover the powerful assumptions that drive the hot-button issues that shape and control our world.

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Learn The 3 Types Of Assumptions

Learn What Is Truth And What Is Real

Explore Humanity's Basic Problem & Solution


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How Is This Different From Other
Critical-Thinking Or Worldview Courses?

Learn to Discern uses a ground-breaking critical thinking system that is entirely different from anything in the past. It is the next generation of discernment training based on assumptions, rather than worldview. With a little practice, even learners who are not particularly intellectual can discern what is true and what isn't in the classroom, the media, and the culture. After completing the course and with practice, a learner can reliably discern truth in real-world issues and situations in as little as 30 seconds.


What Are Assumptions?

And why do they matter?

A person’s core assumption is what they believe is really real.  Every person affirms one of several core assumptions about reality.  That core assumption is the autopilot in our brain.  It is the thing that we do not question.  If we do, it gives our brain the blue screen of death.  We can’t make sense of anything.  A core assumption is also the thing we cannot prove.  Our core assumption is likewise the thing that we accept to be real on faith.  How else can we make an assumption?  We don’t know it.  We trust it.  This makes every person a person of faith, even atheists because we all operate from a basic core assumption about what is real.  It is that assumption that controls everything we say, do, and think.

Ready to find out which assumptions power your thinking? Take our free preview of the Personal Course or download our free e-book, "How Assumptions Work."

"Dave Richardson has developed an effective method to help us excavate the assumptions that underlie much of what we hear in the classroom, the news, movies, lectures, or just conversations with friends.

William Lane Craig

Internationally acclaimed professor, scholar, and debater

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Explore Online Courses

Learn to Discern uses a ground-breaking critical thinking system that provides the next generation of discernment training based on assumptions. Using the resources in the course, students hone their skills in real-time, using the Transparent App, discussion questions, study guides, assignments, and more.

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Essentials Series

Homeschool Course

Adult Course

3 Video Classes - 8-10 HRS

Discover the powerful assumptions that control us. Learn how to quickly and reliably use the power of assumptions to discern what is true as well as how to pass this skill on to others.

For Ages 13+ (15-17 Wks)

An excellent addition to any homeschool curriculum, preparing for college and culture. Students learn the three main assumptions, how to discern what is and is not true, and how to unravel the messages.

15 Week Course

A full semester, critical-thinking deep-dive! Become a truth ninja in today’s challenging culture. Develop tangible skills to discern what is true, what is not, and why. With practice, you can do it in 30 seconds!

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Based on Transparent: How to See Through the Powerful Assumptions That Control You

“This is an important book on a tremendously important subject. That there has been an intentional and systematic indoctrination of Americans with false and pernicious ideas is horrific, but this fine book helps us understand what has happened and helps us also see how we can—and absolutely must—oppose those ideas.”

- Eric Metaxas, New York Times best-selling author and host of the Eric Metaxas Show

Free Preview Of Essentials Series

To access the free preview of the first Essentials Course, you'll be asked to provide your contact information and select a password to create an account. We will not share this information with others.


Video: What Is Discernment?

The world is in chaos. Messages bombard from every direction. How do we know what is true? Are we even thinking for ourselves or repeating what we've been taught to say?


Study Guide

Discernment—the ability to know what is true—is a skill. This study guide begins to help students develop the skill in discernment by asking questions that make us re-evaluate our own assumptions.


Discussion Guide

Leaders can use the Group Discussion Guide to facilitate tough questions as students examine their own assumptions while they learn to discern the underlying assumptions of the messages around them.

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You Don't Have to Be Manipulated in Classrooms or by the Media
Discover the powerful assumptions that drive the hot button issues that shape and control our world

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