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Essentials Series

Three courses that build on each other to provide the "nuts and bolts" of what is true, what is not, and why. Discover the powerful assumptions that control what we say, do, and think. Learn the basics about how to quickly and reliably use the power of assumptions to discern what is true in the media, classroom, and culture. Hone your expertise in this valuable discernment skill and learn how to pass it on to others.

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First Course

Explore contemporary issues such as wealth inequality, race, gender, and more to reveal the hidden assumptions behind these issues. For older students and adults, this course will whet your appetite to Learn To Discern.

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Gain a practical, tangible discernment skill that allows you to accurately find which voices are true in 30 seconds or less, even if you are a student or not particularly intellectual.

Second Course

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Enhance your new discernment skill by exploring media clips from movies, a video game, a political speech, and a podcast. Learn practical tips for how to pass this on to others.

Third Course

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Each Course Contains:


Video Session

David Richardson, the developer of the Learn To Discern curriculum and Core Assumptions Test (CAT), walks students through a portion of the curriculum, illustrated by memorable graphics and animations to illustrate key points.


Study Guide

Each lesson contains a Study Guide with questions to help students think through the concepts discussed in each video. This resource is downloadable to enable future review or sharing.


Study Guide For Small Group

Each lesson contains a Study Guide with discussion questions for Small Groups to equip group leaders to facilitate concepts taught in the video lesson and what the Bible might say about these concepts. Each discussion question contains a reference to the video segment so students can go back to review if needed, to answer questions.



You guessed it—there's a short (5-7 questions) quiz to help students determine if they've "got" the concept and are ready to move on. Students have three tries to make a passing grade of 90% or higher.

Ready to get started on developing discernment skills?

Discern the truth.

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