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Group Leader Bundle - $199

Explore the free, sample course material below. These are examples of what we provide Group Leaders in our Learn to Discern course, which is the next generation of discernment training based on assumptions. Group leaders can train group members to discern what is true and what isn't in the classroom, the media, and the culture.

Each student pays $199 for the bundle of all three courses (or three payments of $79 if taking each course separately).

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Why Do Assumptions Matter?

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Only 30% of born-again Christians believe in absolute moral truth, less if they are under 30.

(Barna, 2023)

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Only 6% of Americans hold a Biblical or Bible-based Worldview  (Barna, 2022)

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1 million young

people per year are leaving the faith (Pinetops Foundation, 2018)

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Only 38% of parents are confident their children will retain their faith after leaving home

Because only radical change can avert the mass exodus of the next Christian generation.

Learn To Discern Background
Bottom Line:
Exposing students to Biblical truth without intentional training in how to recognize truth is proving to be fruitless. They must be trained to discern truth.

This Is What We Do

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Our courses by Assumptions Institute hone Christ-followers to discern truth so they can flourish in their faith and engage the culture to influence others for Christ.

We provide deliberate coaching to help students recognize what is true, countering the lie that truth is relative. This training has the potential to arrest the trend and stop the exodus.

A well-developed discernment skill requires training and practice. It is not an innate skill.  Parents, pastors, and teachers seem to assume that students already know how to discern truth—but the statistics prove that they don’t. We provide the tools to equip leaders to train them.

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